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Open and closed cell, flexible polyurethane, polyimide, melamine and other foams designed to reduce reverberant airborne noise. These foams absorb the noise created by vibrating air molecules by converting the acoustic energy into thermal energy as a result of frictional dissipation through the structure.

Soundcoat's noise control products can also provide hybrid solutions for dual acoustic functions of Sound Absorption and Sound Transmission Loss.

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Soundcoat's damping products are flexible extensional viscoelastic and constrained layer products designed to reduce structural vibration from impact sources, panel resonance, and sound induced coincidence.

These products can provide significant modal damping to the structure thereby reducing sound radiation from the structures.

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Soundcoat's family of barrier products are well designed noise barrier composites designed to provide high Sound Transmission Loss to most low frequency applications.

These products can be flat or molded 3-D. Barriers come with or without decouplers which offer acoustic-thermal protection as well as come in a variety of combinations, coverings, and wear surfaces.

Our Acoustic Laboratory will specifically test the customer's application to determine the correct foam density and decoupler thickness needed to achieve the required levels of Sound Transmission Loss.

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Cellular flexible foam (Soundfoam "C") is made specifically for gasket applications. Choose either closed cell or open cell foams. Foams are made to be compliant and resilient. Generally used between metal or structural components and applied with various pressure sensitive adhesives.

Controls chemical and particle contamination, airflow, noise, vibration, RF-EMI, ESD, and thermal loss.


At Soundcoat, we understand the success of a noise control treatment very often depends on the correct choice of an adhesive to meet a variety of extreme environmental conditions, namely, heat, humidity, chemicals, shock and vibrations. At the same time, an adhesive must be cost effective and easy to apply.

Soundcoat offers 2 distinct types of adhesive:

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives:

  • Bonds noise control materials to a variety of substrates; bonds instantly
  • Specifically formulated for use with a variety of substrates and environmental conditions found in noise control applications.
  • Aggressive tack
  • High peel and shear strengths
  • Excellent aging and storage properties
  • Special purpose pressure-sensitive adhesives are available (extreme temperature, low energy surface, flame resistance, etc.)
Structural Adhesives:
  • B-Flex Epoxy: a two component, 100% solid epoxy adhesive
  • Developed for bonding constrained layer vibration damping elastomers to metallic substrates
  • Both components have a shelf life of 6 months or more when stored at the proper temperature
  • When cured, exhibits excellent resistance to water, oil, and a variety of chemicals
  • Our Engineering Department can assist you with Material Component Data information to determine which type of adhesive fits your product.


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